Tuesday, January 13, 2009

have to, then have to

some teachers were talking today about layoffs. our school will let some teachers go. don't know when or which. for those young in the system, it is a nervous time.

"In Albany, the deficit for the upcoming fiscal year has reached more than $15 billion and grows by $60 million every day. State workers face layoffs, salary deferrals and benefit cuts.

New York City entered the recession later, but the deterioration has been so rapid that the mayor ended the property tax cut six months early, made mid-year cuts to agency budgets including the Department of Education and modified the financial plan two months ahead of time. A budget gap of $4.3 billion (10 percent of city revenues) is expected for the next fiscal year, and that will grow to nearly $7 billion -- almost 16 percent of city revenue -- in 2011.

Between the city and state, education is slated for more than $1.5 billion in cutbacks, which will translate to reductions in individual school budgets of 8 to 12 percent."

thanks to dottie lasky for the break. for the much needed laughter. a good looking winter coat is hard to find.

TINY TROY AIKMANS by matt cozart

Tiny Troy Aikmans.
Tiny Troy Aikmans.

Tiny Troy Aikmans falling out of my smock
taking up residence in my sock.

My smock has a pocket

a little pocket

a pocklet

and little tiny Troy Aikmans are tumbling downward from its hole.

Tiny Troy Aikmans! are

biting my toes, nibbling my toes... Tiny!
Troy Aikmans are purchasing automobiles
they are
rrrrrevvvvvving UP! Tiny Troy Aikmans are gathering speed!

david byrne interviews himself

how i miss those two.........................

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