Saturday, February 28, 2009

a missing patch

todays weather: Current:Cloudy. Wind: NW at 0 mph. early costelloesque.

last night was a reading at the stain bar hosted by Amy King & Ana Božičević. regrettably i was unable to stay beyond the first three redaers, but i did catch tony mancus. tony's poems are now experimenting with tone, moving from a romantic quasi-confessional lyric to a ashbery-inspired attention to a thought's movement. or it could not be like that at all. check his poems out.

tomorrows weather:
Ice Pellet. 70% chance of precipitation. mackaye & picciottoesque

i'm thinking of starting a new band called NEEDY SAIDWHICH? don't necessarily need the question mark, one mark may be enough.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

take my hand, yeah baby

and if i could only look like that when i wipe my mouth.......................

someone i had to see this afternoon handed me (after some pleasantries that included a multiplicity of adjectives) david orr's ny times article which has attracted a few words from some literary folk. ohhh
the greatness. im allowed some snarkiness.................i like matt cozart's examples of greatness (below)

What is great?

1) There's snow on them thar Alps! It's a great day for skiing!
2) Great job on your presentation, Woodrow!
3) Aw man, this goulash is great! You gotta try it, Eleanor!
4) Oh, be sure to watch the bonus materials; they got some great outtakes!
5) Great Scot, is that the reanimated corpse of Richard Nixon, come to eat our brains?!
6) Say, I've got a great idea for a new invention, but who will help me fund it?!
7) Mmm...this sliced bread is the greatest thing since...OH MY GOD. IT'S THE GREATEST THING EVER.

Three exhibitions on the Lower East Side through late March: Fernando Mastrangelo: Love Is a Smoke Made With the Fume of Sighs at Kumukumu, 42 Rivington St (between Eldridge and Forsyth), until March 22

Andrea Tese: Boats Against the Current at Heist Gallery, 27 Essex St (between Grand and Hester), until March 21

Kirsten Deirup: Dogsbody at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, 163 Eldridge St (between Delancey and Rivington), until March 22

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mark horosky is economic stimulus

i purchased lisa fishman's lining from boxwood editions.

i am being a bad friend. the type of bad friend that types in one radiator-steaming room while sommer is another radiating-steaming room watching a diaper change.


i think i may run over the williamsburg bridge

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the exorcist voice

and so this is 3rd bass. strange how they visited me today while i walked home from the m train. n-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hice! To give up gas face he drinks from a thermos

say hello to k. silem!

oh you're so silent jonathon richman

tonighter: Atelos Publishing Project ACA Galleries. 6pm. 529 W 20th St, between Tenth and Eleventh Aves, Chelsea. "theory from practice, poetry from prose, essay from drama, the visual image from the verbal, the literary from the non-literary, and so forth."

this friday: stain reading series: February 27. Jason Gray, Tony Mancus, Deb Poe, Ric Royer, Mario Susko, Jessica Reed. i do touch down cheers for tony mancus.


Monday, February 23, 2009

sattempted punk bands

increments of love,

much much many many thanks to tom wentzel and cindy meier, jane quale and john hayes, dennis caldwell & family, rita davis, ann & enrique mortel for the desert excitement.

tips for air travel
  1. be kind to people or persons traveling with children.
  2. only pretend to pretend
  3. if nothing else, be a great attitude
  4. make mistakes in private
  5. consider some sort of wheeled contraption
  6. avoid queen latifah movies
take a looksee: Marsh Hawk Review, Spring 2009
edited by Thomas Fink

further: a new chapbook press, Boxwood Editions.

their first release is Lisa Fishman's Lining,
a hand-sewn pamphlet-stitched chapbook with a vellum cover.

Lining is limited to 75 copies, it's $7 which includes postage.

You can purchase it via paypal at

If you're curious, you can watch Lisa read from it in her home in Chicago here:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

friday will be lucas sayler's birthday. my beautiful lu lu will be 2.

tomorrow we head for the desert (arizona) ((originally i misspelled: dessert)) tucson. accordingly, i might be out of reach for about a week. i want to reassure my seven readers that the near-absolute chance of missed postage is only temporary. but because i care, you can follow these blogs if you like:

  1. this
  2. that
  3. here
  4. there
  5. okey
  6. dokey
a video (possibly my fav fav favorite??????))))))))))))))))))))))))))

kenneth goldsmith sings

"The words are here, it would seem to open up windows upon polyvalent shifting horizons of meanings, and the sounds that escape the words are here to open our ears to places where words, as such, cannot follow. "

Charles Alexander's Certain Slants reviewed by Jonathan Stalling in jacket 36.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


image by amie robinson......................

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. 530 W 22nd St (between Tenth and Eleventh Aves) Chelsea. Marc handelman. think luminous tearings & blurrings. a beachhouse bombing....

david foster wallace tribute: Sonora Review 55/56, the upcoming double issue featuring the uncollected wallace story, Solomon Silverfish, and essays and reflections from Sven Birkerts, Michael Sheehan interviewing Tom Bissell, Charles Bock, Marshall Boswell, Greg Carlisle, Jonathan Franzen, Dave Eggers, Ken Kalfus, Glenn Kenny, Lee Martin, Michael Martone, Rick Moody interviewing Michael Pietsch, and art and prose from Karen Green.

The issue also includes new work by Aimee Bender, short-short contest winners, interviews,
fiction, non-fiction & poetry from Dan Pinkerton, Ryo Yamaguchi, Laynie Brown, and Tim Peterson among others....................

head over to, scroll over the “Send Money” bar along the top, click on “Send Money Online,” and then enter “” as the Recipent (or “To” field.) Send $18 dollars, which includes 15 for the issue and 3 for shipping and handling.

congratulations to morgan lucas schuldt for the e-chapbook publication of his work entitled, L=u=N=G=U=A=G=E.

last night i saw dottie lasky reading in a loft in brooklyn. i had fun. i took a cab home. drank some whiskey and talked to my neighbor (she drank wine).

an animated lemmy?


The Bowery Series

$6 admission goes to support the readers
Curators: February-March by Nada Gordon & Gary Sullivan
April-May by Kristen Gallagher & Tim Peterson













MAY 23

MAY 30

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy birthday, morgan lucas. it is also H.R. 's (Bad Brains) birthday (good company).

if jamie stewart/xiu xiu is the just the right electric guitar, bird call whistles and a stylophone (a late 60s toy synth that one plays with a pen), then take a looksee here below.

a subscription series that Stewart will offer via the Xiu Xiu website. ambient, experimental, and minimalist works will be yours for a $100. Stewart will send you one CD per month for a year. He'll hand-number every one of these discs, hand-wrap them in felt and yarn, and stick a different leaf under the tray of each CD. This subscription even comes with a "deluxe edition": For an extra $10, he'll throw in an additional disc and some of that homemade chocolate. But he's only selling 50 of these subscriptions.

4/06 -- Brooklyn, NY @ Monkey Town -- Jamie Stewart solo show

david berman & a book of cartoons. drag city will release the book, The Portable February.

effing press:


44 pages
w/ letterpress covers
isbn 0-9794745-5-8


IN THE BIRD'S BREATH by Marcia Roberts

64 pages
w/ letterpress covers

isbn 0-9794745-7-4
news: House and Senate negotiators reached agreement today on a stimulus plan with a cost of about $789 billion after scaling down the versions passed by both houses, congressional leaders announced.

the grizzly and the bear: the Yellow House followup Veckatimest was partially recorded at Ed Droste's family's home in Cape Cod & If you've got tickets to their February 28th show with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, you can expect to hear most of the material both with the orchestra and in a 45-minute set from just the band.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and then, there was jeff goldblum. walking & acting. bedford ave. this afternoon, after after.

i found at the salvation army a copy of bunny gets paid by red red meat for 2 bucks.



Dorothea Lasky & Filip Marinovich

Friday, February 13th, 2009 8PM
BYOB & donation: $5

hosted by Thom Donovan & Robert Kocik at:

“The Loft”
1227 Bedford Avenue
(between Fulton and Halsey)
Brooklyn, NY

A train to Nostrand (walk on Fulton toward downtown Brooklyn, right on Bedford)
C train to Franklin (walk on Fulton away from downtown, left on Bedford)
G train to Nostrand-Lafayette (walk on Bedford toward Fulton, about 8 min)

[please call 646 436 4959 or 716 228 9066 in case you should have problems gaining entrance to the venue]

note: attend this reading. just go. i'll be there (toe touch jumps and all.)

tonighter: Glasslands Gallery. 9pm True Primes, Fake Male Voice (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)

buy: God, Sebastian, Amy by Ana Božičević -- $8.00. flying guillotine press

Monday, February 9, 2009


the vinyl is being purchased while the turntable has yet to be bought. and your story?

Miracle Legion's 1988 Glad (a side of the LP was recorded live in New York, with a one-song guest appearance by the entirety of Pere Ubu!) has the heartbreaker, "A Heart Disease Called Love."

tonighter: Cake Shop 9pm Arms, Speck Mountain. Arms is Todd Goldstein (The Sea & the Gulls, Harlem Shakes.)


landscape is a metaphor

tonight the president speaks to the nation. my mind currently is on mickey rourke.

  1. The Wrestler (2008) .... Randy 'The Ram' Robinson
  2. Sin City (2005) .... Marv
    ... aka Frank Miller's Sin City (USA: complete title)
  3. Buffalo '66 (1998) .... The Bookie
  4. Love in Paris (1997) .... John Gray
    ... aka 9 1/2 Weeks II
    ... aka Another 9 1/2 Weeks (video title)
    ... aka Another Nine & a Half Weeks (USA)
  5. Homeboy (1988) .... Johnny Walker
  6. A Prayer for the Dying (1987) .... Martin Fallon
  7. Barfly (1987) .... Henry Chinaski
  8. Angel Heart (1987) .... Harry Angel
  9. Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986) .... John
  10. The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984) .... Charlie
  11. Rumble Fish (1983) .... The Motorcycle Boy
  12. Diner (1982) .... Robert 'Boogie' Sheftell
mickey rourke

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a combination of harass and hustle, haggle and tussle, and haggle and wrestle.


Death By Audio
Brooklyn, NY, 49 S 2nd St btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford, JM to Marcy, G to Metropolitan.

this may be the coolest place to see a show without the usual hassle.
there were no hassles before 1945, the year in which the noun hassle is first recorded in English.

"When I was five I used to go and sit with my next-door neighbour, Stan the pigeon guy, in his back garden ..."

mark e. smith

1) wavves
2) u.s. girls: 03-11-2009 20:00 at Death by Audio w/ AIDS WOLF + Sightings

ariel pink,
SERIOUSLY? with the vivian girls? Yes

Vito Hannibal Acconci

i love the middle name. it totally usurps the first and last. all middle names should act accordingly.

beautiful day today. springetease. o the blossoming and the smells of brooklyn. i ran over the williamsburg bridge: east river, boats, car exhaust, spandex (not me, i swear), and Roxy Music's Stranded.

A line by Brandon Brown for you: "my cave full of imposture"

this is also for you: Brooklyn Record Riot. Sunday. Feb 15th. 10am. 3-20 bucks. warsaw. 261 driggs. 35 dealers. vinyl and 45s. Polish beer. kielbasa and pierogi. get in touch with your inner horosky.

go feel starkly universal.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


William Gruber created what became known as the View-Master in 1938.

isnt it about goddamn time you support an independent? try lily brown or claire donato or goddamn! try Anne Heide, Melissa Culbertson, Kristi Maxwell, Julia Cohen, Julia Drescher, Melissa Severin, Kristy Odelius, Jen Tynes and other fine writers

goddman, maybe you should look at greg behm's poem @ otoliths

yes, i missed ann boyer's reading. but all the cool folks were in attendance. ann is a recent discovery (the trains arrive late in my part of town) and i'm determined to get my hands on everything she has written............will write..........

forget beirut, it's sold out. may i suggest: mercury lounge. 8:30pm The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, CaUSE co-MOTION!, The Depreciation Guild, ZAZA. 10 bucks.

earlier today, bowery poetry club: 4pm. Kenneth Goldsmith and Edwin Torres. i may make this one.

today: 38°F. Mostly Cloudy. today: say hello, it's finely here

BUck downs is the proVERBial shit. check him out & others (especially stephanie balzer) out:
Cannibal: Issue Four:

Featuring poetry from Stephanie Balzer, Zach Barocas, Laura Carter, Dot Devota, Christopher DeWeese, Claire Donato, Buck Downs, Christopher Eaton, Bonnie Emerick, Jeff Encke, Clayton Eshleman, Lucas Farrell, Drew Gardner, Garth Graeper, Meg Hurtado, Ethan Hon, Kevin Holden, Bethany Ides, Shannon Jonas, Pierre Joris, Friederich Kerksieck, Michael Koshkin, Mark Lamoureux, Hank Lazer, François Luong, Amanda Nadelberg, Linnea Ogden, Akilah Oliver, Cate Peebles, Lanny Quarles, Elizabeth Robinson, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Brandon Shimoda, Stephen Sturgeon, Janaka Stucky, Amish Trivedi, & Allyssa Wolf

140 pages, hand-sewn in signatures, screen printed cover

no awp, just the Tucson, Santa Catalina, Rincon, Santa Rita, and Tortolita mountain ranges.

my ipod broke, true loneliness.

Friday, February 6, 2009


ok, gary sullivan presents irony and cynicism obsolete?

less wind equals less cold. hot water heater is being fixed, but no hot water. i never made the hot water connection to almost everything.

and then i thought of

Thursday, February 5, 2009

whooooooooooooooo who who

still anxious, waiting on the stimulus. 13000 nyc teachers might be minus employment. this means the un-tenured, the "new" kind of teacher. and other kinds as well.

a panacea? maybe. i purchased of montreal tix for their upcoming show at music hall.


ariel pink and the vivian girls!!!!! a tour!!!!!

for you, because i am concerned. you don't sound soo good. the gift is a poem by mr shinoda and ms browning:

The Blowing Versa (II Fucking Space)

India stepped out

The parking lot was long and cold

She pulled a shotgun from her purse

Listeria in the lights

Your name flashing
I take out the trash. Encephalic
men flipping meat, clowns
on the weenie wheel

You are damn

Enormous and I

am small. Inside your inhalant arias

conjoin, then separate. This the pattern

Browning, the casino
wolves buckled into the ship, shedding into the wind

Deep echoes, splinters
I sleep in the rain, over the covers

In me, warm goo
Final likenesses mopped. Children in case

Monkeys, urchins, elephantastic

Tell my story backwards, legging
the edges when middles
Midwives elevating the chimney. Saturn is fucking

I have not seen since Hawaii

Infinity of circles
stacked atop varnished wood. A soldier’s wonder
and coincidence

I sink seawater into a pitcher of Bud Light
Hegemony, the way I pronounce it
makes money. Big building

Dropped by aliens
Lanes I will see you

brrrrrrrrrrrrr, its chilly again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eric Lee Purkhiser

Lux Interior, lead singer of influential garage-punk act the Cramps, died Wednesday morning (February 4) due to an existing heart condition, according to a statement from the band's publicist. He was 62.

Monday, February 2, 2009


though some (maybe many) indie rock scribes have disparaged and trashed the recent offering from brian jonestown massacre as warbling pointless stumble unending drone sonic quicksand submerged malaise and inconsistency, I find, in these times of just bottomless bad news, an album that is a refuge and a solace.

anton alfred

"You fucking broke my sitar, motherfucker!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009


30,000 teeth.

o morrissey

malkmus and fox news

bad brains documentary

less shark-like and more sweating like david byrne.

matthew zapruder reads:
Polestar Reading Series with Rebecca Keith and Idra Novey
Sunday, February 1st, 5 pm Polestar Reading Series Cakeshop Downstairs, 152 Ludlow (between Stanton & Rivington),

Poems and Pints with Dana Goodyear
Tuesday, February 3rd, 6:30 pm
Fraunces Tavern, 54 Pearl Street (at Broad Street)