Friday, March 13, 2009

threshold and limit

Friday night is eating me.

what Friday night means:
  1. watching on cable a Rush union concert. apparently washing machines make for great stage props.
  2. reading Mike Heppner's egg code only to stop and watch Rush.
  3. thinking (believing) that i know many people who resemble Geddy Lee

4. realizing i don't know many people who look like Geddy Lee.
5. Friday night begins to eat me.

Charles Bernstein is the CFO of the Center for Avant-Garde Comedy and Stand-Up Poetry. His most recent book is Blind Witness: Three American Operas. Adeena Karasick is the 2008 winner of the MPS mobile award, poet media artist and author of six books of poetry and poetic theory. Forthcoming is Amuse Bouche Tasty Treats for the Mouth (Talonbooks, 2009). She teaches Film and Literature at CUNY.

funyy funny.

jason lytle has a new record and a new record label. One is called Yours Truly, The Commuter and the other is called ANTI Records. New album in stores and all that on May 12th.

Here's the tracklisting:

  1. yours truly, the commuter
  2. Brand New sun
  3. ghost of my old dog
  4. I am lost (and the moment cannot last)
  5. birds encouraged him
  6. it's the weekend
  7. furget it
  8. This song is the mute button
  9. Rollin' home Alone
  10. you're too gone
  11. fLying thru canyons
  12. Here For good
for my desert friends, hes playing plush on monday night. just go. give him the hat off your head.

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