Thursday, August 20, 2009

hey baby you must be a light switch

Hello My Dears,

  1. For access to clinical trials for people with C.F., please take the time to fill this out.
  2. Patrick Morrisey’s first chapbook, Transparency, is available now from Cannibal Books.
  3. Flying Guillotine released Kate Schapira's The Saint's Notebook, a hand stitched book of poems, covered in burlap, and printed in an edition of 74.
  4. Portable Press released Nathaniel Siegel's Tony. $8 ppd.
  5. Mathias Svalina has a section of a long poem called Above the Fold. up at h_ngm_n
  6. Former Ghosts (Jamie Stewart + Freddy Ruppert) Tour
I'm a litle behind, so forgive me if the news aint news anymore.

It's summer. It's hot. It's perspiration. It's sunblock. & Destroyer

Try Apostrophe Cast and Allison Titus's work.

Facebook frightens me.

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miryam said...

this driveway is no longer active... Static Driveway.