Monday, January 19, 2009


back from a pre-inaugural, tight(ening) security, very merchandised and very clean (compared to Brooklyn) dc where i spent some beautiful time with the Chiles family. everyone, at some time in their life, should listen to noah chiles sing the passenger.


animal collective: merriweather post pavilion
department of eagles: in ear park
morrissey: years of refusal
mgmt: oracular spectacular
antony & the johnsons: the crying light
bon iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
joan of arc: how can anything so little be any more


Matt Hart
Gregory Bem
G.C. Waldrep
Joseph Mosconi
Linda Horosky
Michael Baly
Ann Mortel
Christina Wessels
Tim Peterson
Rita Davis
Cynthia Meier
Kristen Mariotti
John Levy
Shawn Simmons
Carolyn Guinzio
Jason D Labbe
Matt Henricksen
Michael Schiavo

let it be nearby


Gregory Bem said...

Amazing soundtrack selection. It's good to see others with high standards for music.

Gregory Bem said...

Sorry to double-post, but I'd also recommend you check out the artists:

I Am Oak
Sin Fang Bous
Chad VanGaalen

yer wife said...

where's my thank you, hot stuff?

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,

Noah digs his guitar - misses his Uncle Mark