Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy birthday, morgan lucas. it is also H.R. 's (Bad Brains) birthday (good company).

if jamie stewart/xiu xiu is the just the right electric guitar, bird call whistles and a stylophone (a late 60s toy synth that one plays with a pen), then take a looksee here below.

a subscription series that Stewart will offer via the Xiu Xiu website. ambient, experimental, and minimalist works will be yours for a $100. Stewart will send you one CD per month for a year. He'll hand-number every one of these discs, hand-wrap them in felt and yarn, and stick a different leaf under the tray of each CD. This subscription even comes with a "deluxe edition": For an extra $10, he'll throw in an additional disc and some of that homemade chocolate. But he's only selling 50 of these subscriptions.

4/06 -- Brooklyn, NY @ Monkey Town -- Jamie Stewart solo show

david berman & a book of cartoons. drag city will release the book, The Portable February.

effing press:


44 pages
w/ letterpress covers
isbn 0-9794745-5-8


IN THE BIRD'S BREATH by Marcia Roberts

64 pages
w/ letterpress covers

isbn 0-9794745-7-4
news: House and Senate negotiators reached agreement today on a stimulus plan with a cost of about $789 billion after scaling down the versions passed by both houses, congressional leaders announced.

the grizzly and the bear: the Yellow House followup Veckatimest was partially recorded at Ed Droste's family's home in Cape Cod & If you've got tickets to their February 28th show with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, you can expect to hear most of the material both with the orchestra and in a 45-minute set from just the band.

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