Sunday, February 15, 2009

friday will be lucas sayler's birthday. my beautiful lu lu will be 2.

tomorrow we head for the desert (arizona) ((originally i misspelled: dessert)) tucson. accordingly, i might be out of reach for about a week. i want to reassure my seven readers that the near-absolute chance of missed postage is only temporary. but because i care, you can follow these blogs if you like:

  1. this
  2. that
  3. here
  4. there
  5. okey
  6. dokey
a video (possibly my fav fav favorite??????))))))))))))))))))))))))))

kenneth goldsmith sings

"The words are here, it would seem to open up windows upon polyvalent shifting horizons of meanings, and the sounds that escape the words are here to open our ears to places where words, as such, cannot follow. "

Charles Alexander's Certain Slants reviewed by Jonathan Stalling in jacket 36.

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