Monday, February 23, 2009

sattempted punk bands

increments of love,

much much many many thanks to tom wentzel and cindy meier, jane quale and john hayes, dennis caldwell & family, rita davis, ann & enrique mortel for the desert excitement.

tips for air travel
  1. be kind to people or persons traveling with children.
  2. only pretend to pretend
  3. if nothing else, be a great attitude
  4. make mistakes in private
  5. consider some sort of wheeled contraption
  6. avoid queen latifah movies
take a looksee: Marsh Hawk Review, Spring 2009
edited by Thomas Fink

further: a new chapbook press, Boxwood Editions.

their first release is Lisa Fishman's Lining,
a hand-sewn pamphlet-stitched chapbook with a vellum cover.

Lining is limited to 75 copies, it's $7 which includes postage.

You can purchase it via paypal at

If you're curious, you can watch Lisa read from it in her home in Chicago here:

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